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Me by Carolina Marquez-Sterling  I'm irked when someone says Smile. I also don't like to have my picture taken. There is something about seeing yourself that is uncomfortable. Picture taking or not, it annoys me. I'm not a smiler on demand; I do it for engagement and connection or a feeling of joy. Interestingly though, I am a chronic smiler. Sadly, I haven't been doing it much. Maybe it is the news, perhaps it is the constant vitriol I see on the internet or more than likely it's the weather at this time of the year. Then a couple of weeks ago, I heard, "Smile though your heart is breaking." Sung by Nat King Cole based on Charlie Chaplin's instrumental theme in his 1936 film Modern Times. The composition was inspired by Puccini's Tosca. ( My Dad will like that piece of trivia.) Later, Geoffrey Parsons and John Turner added the title and lyrics. While I have listened to it thousands of times, it caught my attention this time. I quickl

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